Queen City Quest

by Chrissy VanScoten

16 Apr 18

I'm not sure if y'all noticed or not, but we really love our city. And generally speaking, you find two kinds of people here: the natives and the migrants. Heck, that's even our dynamic here at VGC, a unicorn and a yankee. As we've continued developing our brand, we found ourselves asking this question: how can we invest in Charlotte, while bringing something new to both sets of the population?

Our answer? Queen City Quest.

What's that?

In short, Queen City Quest is our YouTube channel where we will attempt to do just that: invest in Charlotte while bringing something new to unicorns and yankees alike.

How do you plan on accomplishing that?

Each week, we will visit a different local venue. We want to provide more than a traditional interview and tour, but rather portray the experiences you can have all around the city. Our goal is to offer exposure to the businesses, give newbies a few great places to check out, and provide fresh perspective to locals.

When did you learn how to produce videos?

Funny you should ask...we're both learners by nature. We love diving into new things and figuring out how they work. So really, we haven't yet; but it's a work in progress and we're excited to grow these skills every week!

How can I get involved?

  1. Like, comment, and subscribe! All of our work means nothing if no one ever gets to see it. So help us get the word out to your friends and family; together we can build an engaging community.
  2. Let us know what some of your favorite places are. Recommend a place you've been interested in checking out but haven't yet. Invite us into your own business. We want to develop a channel for you; so your involvement is key!
  3. Give us feedback. Like I said, we're learning as we go, so we want to know what you love, hate, want more of, and how we can be better. Take a few seconds to invest in us so we can make a channel that better invests in you.

Where can I find this?

Our channel is at Queen City Quest. New videos will be posted every Wednesday afternoon. The first official video comes out this week, but until then, here is a quick introduction. What do you think?

If nothing else, it's gotta be worth watching this project unfold when we have the footage to prove the following conversation actually took place:

"Just tell me what to say."

"Introduce us and where we’re at."

"I gotta think about it first."

"You don’t know who we are or where we are?"


Y'all, the Charlotte experience is about to get so interesting...