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We're looking at long-haulers to better understand how Canadians are coping with the disease and what supports they believe could help. How does Baby Yoda's name measure up as a fictional character's name? Research has shown that sounds carry associations — what does Baby Yoda's name communicate? The sidewalk is slippery under the soles of his modest leather boots.

He started taking long walks in , when his doctor sent him to hospital for emergency heart surgery. James received a pacemaker and made the decision to not let his health get to that point again. Seventeen years later, James is on his third pacemaker, but hasn't slowed down in the least.

One of mom's common sayings to me was, 'And be quick about it,'" James said. But they haven't all been easy. He said nothing helped comfort him, not even his daily walks. I didn't cry as much out on my walk as I did when I was in the house, alone. James doesn't call himself a spiritual man. He thinks about the geological history of the land as he takes in the views of the Rocky Mountains in the distance.

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  7. Quebec reporting 2,038 new COVID-19 infections, 44 deaths linked to virus.

James donates 10 cents per mile to charity each year. He said he'll keep walking until his body won't let him do it anymore. A new list of cases, however, shows the virus had spread to greater Sydney and other parts of the state.


The government has imposed a lockdown in the area until Wednesday. Residents will only be permitted to leave their homes for five basic reasons, including medical care, exercise, grocery shop, work or for compassionate care reasons. State Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant said that contact tracers are yet to locate patient zero, but an extensive investigation is underway. Elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific region:— Thousands of people lined up for coronavirus tests in a province near Bangkok on Sunday, as Thai authorities scrambled to contain an outbreak of the virus that has infected nearly people.

Triple lines of mainly migrant workers stretched for around metres in one location alone, at Mahachai in Samut Sakhon province, as health officials in mobile units methodically took nasal swabs. There were three locations in total in the area. That puts the national caseload at 49,, including deaths. The pace of the spread has already met government conditions for raising social distancing rules to their highest level. But officials have been reluctant to move forward with the measure out of worries for the economy. The new step would ban a gathering of more than 10 people and shut hundreds of thousands of non-essential businesses.

That's a weight on California Gov. Gavin Newsom's shoulders as he considers his pick to serve out the rest of Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris' Senate term through That the choice is left to one governor has some observers frustrated with the persistent lack of racial diversity in the Senate and what they view as both parties' failure to do much about it.

Democratic Rep. The disproportionate whiteness of the chamber isn't necessarily about too few diverse candidates but about too few diverse candidates who are winning. The South saw its highest number of Black Senate candidates ever this year, but none won races outright. Kelly Loeffler.

The only Black woman to be a major party's nominee for Senate this year — Marquita Bradshaw in Tennessee — was not supported by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

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Bradshaw, an environmental justice activist, surprised her party by defeating the establishment's preferred candidate for an open seat, a win she said demonstrated voters' appetite for a candidate with working-class roots. But the party committee decided the race wasn't competitive after a popular former Democratic governor lost in and because Bradshaw hadn't raised much money.

He also lost. Bradshaw said the national party should treat any candidate who wins a primary as viable. Asked how the party lifts up diverse candidates, DSCC spokesperson Stewart Boss pointed to those it endorsed in and the ongoing effort to send Warnock to the Senate. They all lost. Gary Peters. That's put pressure on Newsom, and those with a stake in his choice are lobbying openly.

California Rep. Karen Bass, whom Newsom is considering for Harris' seat, said she doesn't view various groups in direct competition because all deserve representation. But she's been clear about her desire for a Black woman in the Senate, though she stopped short of criticizing the party broadly for the lack of representation. And the idea that there will not be that representation there at all is a problem.

Diaz, of the Latino Policy and Politics Initiative, says part of the problem is the extraordinary power of incumbency.

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After six years in office, senators become entrenched, build strong donor networks and rarely step aside voluntarily. Diaz points to California's other senator, Democrat Dianne Feinstein, who is serving her fifth full term. In , the senator was challenged by state Sen. Kevin de Leon, the son of a Guatemalan immigrant, under the state's top-two primary system. De Leon won the endorsement of the California Democratic Party and prominent labour unions, in part because of his support for immigrant rights and aggressive policies to curb climate change. But the national party stuck by Feinstein, which also assured the race wouldn't take away resources from efforts to win House seats.

Two years later, Feinstein is facing criticism over her handling of the Supreme Court nomination of Justice Amy Coney Barrett and questions about her age. At 87, she is the Senate's oldest current member. Feinstein did not let up and and would not make her seat available to a new generation of Democratic leaders," said Diaz, who worked on Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. Helen Torres, executive director of Hispanas Organized for Political Equality, a California group focused on Latina leadership training, said Black and Hispanic voters have long built coalitions that can power diverse candidates.

Senate looks like the United States? British Columbia's Supreme Court has approved a class-action lawsuit against WestJet's policy of issuing travel credits with a one-year expiry date. WestJet disagrees. Air passenger rights advocate Gabor Lukacs says he was thrilled to find out the class action had been certified. WestJet declined to comment because the matter is before the courts. WestJet imposed a one-year expiry on the credit, which was issued to her travel bank account.

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Soft credits cannot be extended. WestJet argues its hard credits are part of its refund policy and its soft credits are part of its promotions, and both are exempt from gift card legislation. In , the Quebec Superior Court ruled on a case filed against Air Canada charging that the company's flight passes met the definition of a prepaid card and shouldn't have an expiry date. The court decided that differences in consumer protection laws between provinces prevented the case from meeting the criteria for a class-action certification.

However, that decision was recently overturned by Quebec's Court of Appeal, which approved the class-action lawsuit. The B. It's been more than seven years since a drunk driver crashed head-on into the car Nelson B. Henman is set to publish a book in the new year, called Beyond the Legal Limit, which details the crash and its aftermath. She hopes her story will result in fewer people drinking and driving.

An average of 67 people are killed in crashes each year in which alcohol is a factor. The collision happened around on a sunny, Sunday afternoon. Vezina was driving. After the crash, she had to learn about the seriousness of it from others and police reports. Her daughter had multiple fractures in all four of her limbs and is still hobbled by an ankle that won't heal.

She couldn't eat solid food for more than a year.

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Previous offencesThe woman who hit the pair, Shara Bakos, now 42, shouldn't have even been on the road that day, as she had a suspended licence due to prior impaired driving incidents. Henman says she served less than half of that before being released. Crown prosecutors had asked for a three-and-a-half year sentence, but Henman was expecting closer to 10 years. She thinks that should change. I think that we need perhaps to have a little more say," she said about victims' involvement in criminal proceedings.

The threat of the disease loomed large over the community of about 1, — where seniors are the majority, and more vulnerable to the illness. Residents followed Public Health guidelines to stay home and limit contact. But similar to other small towns and rural areas of the province, there were challenges. There were no grocery or medication delivery services, and for people living alone, loneliness began to creep in.

Mayor Doug Naish said it was clear a solution was needed.

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Town staff worked to gather more than 60 volunteers to make wellness check-in calls and deliver groceries. But when the second wave hit New Brunswick — life changed overnight. Saint Andrews was forced to back to orange phase restrictions in late November as part of the Zone 2 health region.