Chrissy VanScoten

Chrissy VanScoten

Co-Founder & Content Manager

ResidentWord Nerd

Whether you need a quick and witty slogan or a technical chapter in an eBook, I'm the one responsible for making your point and matching your tone. It's easy to become a wordsmith chameleon when you've been a logophile for nearly 25 years and have a diverse educational and vocational background. It also leads me to be our primary point of communication at VGC - so you can expect to hear from me at some point! I love brainstorming new ways to bring our ideas to life and using a camera to find unique ways to represent the 'mundane' things in life and business.

About Me

About Me

Chrissy @ VanGo Creative

A UniquePerspective

I'm incredibly fortunate to be part of the only generation that simultaneously knows how to grow up with and without the internet/cell phones - which is why we're so good at using our business to bridge the gap. You'll often find me working outside (Fresh air? Yes, please!) with only a pen and paper but I'm also well-known for novel-length Instagram captions. Travel is my passion; Crossfit is my outlet; smoothies are my addiction; Helga Pataki is my spirit animal. What more is there to say?

The Other One

The Other One