Who We Are

Have you ever had a night when you were road-tripping to Vegas and your tire blew out, and then a drifter showed up while you were calling AAA, only to steal a priceless family heirloom from around your neck? Wait, really? Wow. I mean...seriously? Well hey, shoot us an email because we just have to know how that story played out!

Anyway, the night we had was nothing like that. It was far more tame: just a few friends hanging around a campfire with a couple beers. We were complaining about being slaves of the nine-to-five grind and eventually realized we had passions and skills that worked in tandem. Before we even knew what was happening, we had pushed our last names together and VanGo Creative was born! It may not be a Pulitzer-winning start of a story, but it was the beginning of our greatest adventure yet.

So, what's this all about?

Our mission is to design captivating media that reveals your eminence. Which is really just a fancy way to say we want to show the world how amazing you are at what you do, but our Content Manager had to go and make it complicated with her dang logophilia. (She tells us that means love of words? Who actually loves words?) ...we really need to tell her to knock that off.

But here's the idea: you do something that you're great at, whether it's brewing beer, cutting hair, or running a gym. You shouldn't have to divert your attention away from your craft to figure out how to properly market yourself and build an effective website to boot. The last thing you want to do is attract new customers to a product that no longer meets your standards of excellence. That's where we come in: what we're great at doing is creating content, designing websites, and strategizing effective marketing techniques. So you stay focused on your craft, we'll stay focused on ours, and in the end, you'll have a growing clientele that can't wait to come back for more.

Well, that's cool; but who are you?

Dru Golden

Creative Director

Meet Dru. No, not the wannabe villain from Despicable Me 3. Our Dru is more like Gru anyway; just don't let him hear you say that! Dru is really the heart behind this entire operation. It was his passion for learning and drive for a greater future that led to our existence as a company. But don't be fooled by all these heartwarming accolades; he has a dark history, one of little league sports, mud-a-phobia, (dang it Content Manager, where were you on that one?) and a Mighty Ducks obsession that could make your blood run cold. Brutal. Logistically speaking, Dru is our Creative Director; he designs all of our sites and graphics from his endless hoard of ideas, no doubt inspired from his murky past. But if you need something visual, he's your guy!

Chrissy VanScoten

Content Manager

This is Chrissy. She is our resident word nerd and the one responsible for vocabulary lessons on words like eminence...yikes. Get off your high-horse there girl, will ya? Okay, okay, so she's not really that bad; ironically, she's more of a twelve-year-old inside, just forced to exist in the world of adulting. We affectionately think of her as Helga Pataki: a young girl who's a bit of a tomboy but can spout out flowery poetry at the drop of a hat. Got a football-head that needs pounding? Our Content Manager can make that happen...using only her words of course; we're definitely not referring to her CrossFit muscles. (Oh crap, she's going to have to edit this, isn't she?)

...right. Y'all are weird and confusing.

You're absolutely right. We are unique individuals and we love to celebrate that. What's that saying about Tetris teaching us to stand out because we disappear when we fit in? It's a pretty solid metaphor and epitomizes who we're trying to be. Our vision for VanGo Creative is to encourage local identity, as Charlotte's most solicited creatives. We live in the Queen City and we love every weird and confusing piece of her, that's why we're committed to emphasizing the original and promoting the authentic. Charlotte has an incredible personality and we want to introduce her to the world, starting with you!