Lend Us An Ear


Lend Us An Ear...

by Chrissy VanScoten

Hey y'all! Welcome to the first official post on the VanGo Creative Blog: Lend Us An Ear. We decided this was the perfect blog title because when you want to tell someone about something, you ask them to lend you an ear; also, with a name like VanGo, you have to take full advantage of every pun and idiom that involves just one ear. It's an artistic crime if you don't, really.

You can expect more substance from us in later posts (with plenty of snark and wit, to be sure), but for the inaugural entry we're going to give you a quick rundown of who we are and how we got here. Sound good? Sweet, let's do this:


Dru Golden
Official title: Creative Director
Unofficial title: Knower of All-The-Things
Likes: craft beer, snowboarding, FIFA
Dislikes: warm weather (anything over 60 degrees really), having his photo taken, ketchup
Dru as a fictional character: Barney Stinson

Chrissy VanScoten
Official title: Content Manager
Unofficial title: Word Nerd & Deadline-Nazi
Likes: being outside, mango smoothies, Boy Meets World
Dislikes: not having time to read, popping balloons, wearing clothes that match to CrossFit
Chrissy as a fictional character: Helga G. Pataki


VanGo Creative is a creative agency that focuses on branding, web design, and marketing. Basically, if you've got a business, or even just an idea for one, we can help you develop that idea and get your name out there!


We are all about our local culture here in Charlotte, NC. There are so many distinct personalities portrayed through the businesses in our city, and we want to highlight them all! (But let's be real, the internet is global; so if you want to work with us from wherever you're at, we'd love to work with you!)


As an official registered business, VanGo has been up and running since August 1st, 2017. As partners in crime, we have been collaborating on creative projects and slowly building the foundation for VGC since July of 2016.


We created VGC for a lot of reasons really:

  • the freedom to work on our own schedules from any location
  • the ability to pursue careers based on our passions and not out of necessity for a paycheck
  • the love of our city and the people who are shaping its culture
  • our addiction to the life-changing food, drinks, and services we've encountered in our surrounding neighborhoods
  • our hope to be part of building something that's bigger than just the two of us

...chose any of these reasons and you wouldn't be wrong!


We're a small company, but we like it that way. Sometimes having fewer cooks in the kitchen is better, ya know? We're highly motivated people who thrive on each other's energy to make each project better than the last. We also rely on late nights and IVs full of caffeine—but we don't actually have any complaints about either of those.

More than anything, we're motivated by support from you! When you leave us a comment or send us a message on any of our platforms, it helps us know what we're doing right. (We are also very grateful for constructive criticism because we always want to know where we can improve!) At our core, we're social people; so drop us a line, share our posts with friends who you think would find them useful, or just send us ridiculous messages to have a laugh for yourselves. Life is too short to color inside the lines—let's break the rules together!