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When Amy approached us with her plans to leave her previous career and start a new business with her husband, we could relate to her overwhelming list of to-do's. Between them, they had plenty of experience to manage this business; they just needed a little help finding that place to start.

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AVM Contractors Logo

DefiningColors & Fonts

AVM Contractors fonts AVM Contractors fonts
While still learning all of the components of branding, Amy knew very clearly that she wanted a more subdued color scheme and to incorporate the business's initials into the logo. After a few samples, we decided on a grayscale palette with a fresh, modern logo design to represent her company. We also partnered with her to develop the company's mission and vision statements.

DesigningBusiness Cards

Building a clientele through personal interactions was going to be vital for Amy's new company, so business cards were a high priority. In keeping with her style preferences, we provided multiple samples that were crisp and clean. We also offered options with a slight pop: silver foil, spot gloss, or debossing (as seen here.)
AVM Contractors Business Cards

Web Design

Web Design


Amy wasn't sure her budding business needed a website just yet. After realizing that even a simple website can add significant levels of professional legitimacy to a company, we worked with her to create a simple landing page. We only covered the basics: they exist, they can help you, and this is how to contact them. That was all she needed to start carving her niche in the digital sphere.
AVM Contractors web design
AVM Contractors mobile web design
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