The team at IEG found themselves in a very unique situation: once part of a multi-national corporation, they parted ways from the rest and needed to start fresh with their three U.S. locations. The heart of their business would remain and while they already had the basics of their new brand under development, their website needed a complete overhaul.

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Web Design

Web Design


Remaking your brand is difficult for any business, but how do you remake a brand that you want to keep, but legally can't? That was our task: find a fresh and innovative way of representing an idea that previously existed. We helped IEG see this as an opportunity to become an even better brand than they had been in the past and from there, developed a website that gave them a new sense of self. This technological facelift rejuvenated their team and impressed their clients.
IEG web design
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Written &Visual

We worked tirelessly to take all of their existing content and give it new life under this new branding. Every page of their site was written to highlight their commitment to their craft and their clients.

Additionally, their photos all needed to be updated to show off their new headquarters and current projects. We made multiple trips into the field and office, making sure to capture the details they focus on so meticulously.
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